About Our Pizza

At High Stakes, we believe pizza is special. It brings people together, and signifies good times and happy memories. We think making great pizza for the neighborhood is an important service, and we take our duties seriously. We are dedicated to serving up the best and most authentic NY-Style pies in the valley. When your craft is only a few ingredients, everything carries more weight.

Our Cheese

At High Stakes, we use a blend of fresh mozzarella and whole milk, low moisture mozzarella in every pizza. We use Bacio Cheese, which is sourced from a handful of select farms in central California to retain the regional characteristics of the cheese. We also cube our cheese fresh - it takes a little extra time, but we feel the melt is superior and the cheese doesn't burn.

Our Dough: 

We make our dough from scratch, and allow a minimum of 48 hours of fermentation. We always use the highest quality high protein flours available, and stretch our dough to order - ensuring the best pizza possible every time. 

Our Sauce

We use the highest quality tomatoes available, and make our own 'Signature Sauce'. We also have a plain sauce available as well, which consists of only tomatoes, and pairs excellently with cheese. 

Our Ovens

We always cook on Bakers Pride deck ovens - you won't find a conveyer oven in sight at High Stakes! We cook significantly hotter than most pizza shops in town - this allows us to get a nice crisp char on the outside of the pizza, while retaining the soft and fluffy interior.